CUNY Student Summit on the Role of Humanities in a Just Society

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What is the university you want? Transformative Learning in the Humanities (TLH) is hosting a full-day virtual summit showcasing creative, multimodal presentations from CUNY students to answer this question. 

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We’ve asked CUNY students to think about what their college community needs most, and to imagine resources that would improve their social learning experience and academic life. To dream of safe spaces where respect, communication, and transparency are valued. To envision a stripped-down version of the faculty-student relationship, where faculty are better resourced themselves to be able to put students’ needs first. To conceive of concrete ways in which CUNY administration can better respond to issues raised by students. For the Spring 2023 Student Summit, a one-day virtual gathering, CUNY’s TLH program will provide a platform upon which students from all backgrounds can speak freely about what their institution is missing, and can talk back to their university.

Summit Schedule:

9-9:45 AM  
Opening Session and Dance Pedagogy Workshop

9:45-10 AM
Coffee Break Chat: Favorite Class You’ve Taken at CUNY

10-10:50 AM
On- and Off-Campus Resources

10:50-11 AM
Padlet Break

11-11:50 AM
Student Mental Health and Wellness

11:50 AM-12:30 PM
Lunch Break

12:30-1 PM
Panel 1: Democracy in the Classroom
Panel 2: Increasing Enrollment
Panel 3: Better Support for Immigrant, First-Generation, and Undocumented Students

1-1:10 PM
Video Break

1:10-2 PM
Practical Tips for the Classroom

2-2:10 PM

2:10-2:50 PM
Better Support for Non-Traditional Aged Students

2:50-3:00 PM
Collaborative Doodling Break

3-3:30 PM 
Panel 1: Decolonial Love: Importance of Ethnic Studies
Panel 2: Mentoring in Faculty-Student Relationships

3:30-3:35 PM
Quick Break

3:35-4:05 PM
Panel 1: Online Learning
Panel 2: Peer Tutoring & Student Clubs

4:05-4:10 PM
Quick Break

4:10-4:40 PM
Embroidery: Creating Networks of Care and Love Within the University Through a Centuries-Old Art Form

4:40-5 PM
Closing Session

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About Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at The Graduate Center, CUNY in 2020. She is the Director of Digital Communications for Transformative Learning in the Humanities (TLH), a three-year initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. She is also working on a web project with teaching materials about civil rights struggles in New York City, including disability rights history. She advocates for improving public transit accessibility in New York City for people with disabilities and chairs the Advisory Committee for Transit Accessibility for New York City Transit.